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Local Lore

With a recorded history stretching all the way back to before the Revolutionary War, Chatham county is alive with legends, local lore, and family tales which have been passed down for generations. Listen to these stories and learn more about the infamous sites in the county by exploring the topics below. 

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The Devil's Tramping Ground

The supernatural status of the Devil’s Tramping Ground, a small, vegetation-less patch of land 20 minutes south of Siler City, had been established long before Europeans settled the area. Click below to hear residents talk about the local lore and their own supernatural experiences with this site.

Devil's Tramping Ground.jpg

Encounters with the Supernatural

With a recorded history spanning over 250 years, Chatham County is alive with the past and, according to some residents, the supernatural. Hear more about Chatham ghost or haint stories and encounters with the otherworldly below.

Chatham Rabbits

At the turn of the twentieth-century, Chatham became known for its seemingly endless supply of large cottontail rabbits. In fact, Siler City became the one of the largest distributors of rabbit in the country by the beginning of the 20th century. Since then, rabbits have become synonymous with local Chathamites. Read more about the history of the county’s legendary game-animal-turned-mascot below.

Eastern Cottontail Rabbit.jpg
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